Friday, 24 May 2013

Corrugated Cardboard Bridal Design

This design is one of my favourites, I love the shape which has been created using the corrugated cardboard and the simple use of the orchids and scabiosa. Flexi grass has been weaved through the design to create more movement.

Wheat Design

This design is inspired by Gregor Lersche and incorporates a hand made chicken mesh frame using wires and wheat. This is placed onto a wire covered bottle for security.

Flowers include Cymbidium Orchids, Kermits, Craspedia, Chincherinchee and Leucadendron

Lamp Shade Design

This is one of my favourite designs I have produced. The colours are stunning and I like the concept of recycling the bottle and creating the look of a lamp.

Flowers include yellow craspedia, green kermits, blue muscari, hypericum berries and rosemary.

This design would look great in a living room or outside for a garden party

Dress Design

I love the colours of this piece, the purples, yellows, pinks and blues really compliment each other. I think the yellow really brings splashes of colour throughout the dress.

Back of the dress with the flowers flowing through

Main Bodice, flowers include Purple Vanda orchids, Yellow Craspedia, Pink Dendrobium Orchids, Blue Hydrangea, Eucalyptus, Pink Chrysanthemum and mosaic tiles and mirrors are dotted throughout.

Close up of the Orchids

Fleurex Competition Piece

The competition category was to produce a chair design, My chair was inspired by nature and came third in the competition. Materials used include Anthuriums, Chincherinchee, Spray Roses, Galax leaves, Aspidistra, Green Trix and Moss aswell as twigs, flexi grass and talanzia

The back had an ivy covered swing heart with spray roses proving rhythm and movement in the design.

Roses cupped in Galax Leaves.

Kerplunk Design

This design uses connection and tension to create the 'Kerplunk' look. Vertical and Horizontal lines have been created using sticks. A jar is housed inside the twigs to provide a water supply for the flowers.

Chincherinchee, Gerbera, Longi Lillies, Moby Dick and Talanzia provide a neutral fresh colour scheme.

The unused stems of the Longi Lillies have been used in the base to create horizontal lines

Rustic Chain Bouquet

This design had been created using circles of rustic wire twisted together to create a long spiral.

Flowers include Cymbidium Orchids, Leucadendron, Muscari, Craspedia and Kermits. All the flowers are glued except for the Muscari which the ends have been dipped in wax to keep them fresher whilst out of water.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Recycled Cardboard Table Design

The colours are very complimentary in this design and stand out well against the cardboard base.
Cymbidium Orchids and Muscari have been used to decorate this piece.

Wax Bridal Design

This Bridal design is created using wax, wood chip paper and wool. The wool is dipped into wax and left to set on the base giving a 3D look. Pink Bullion Wire is then threaded through to add a splash of colour and extra texture.

The orchids are a dominant feature of the design and the muscari brings in a splash of blue

There is a wire handle at the base for the design to be held

Christmas Design

This Christmas themed design uses the Gregor Lersche wire technique for the legs.

Chicken Mesh and Hay are used to create the base and the edges are stitched with red raffia.

The Ilex berries look beautiful against the blue spruce, cinamon sticks and pine cones with a little Talanzia running throughout.

Crossword Wall Hanging

By covering this design in crossword paper it brings out the colours of the flowers, very neutral colour cheme.

Rustic Wire and white twigs have been incorporated to provide depth and texture aswell as curved lines. Flowers include White and Green Dendrobium Orchids and Talanzia.

Rustic Wall Hanging

Hessian Birch Squares have been used to cover the cardboard base of this design. Test tubes are hidden inside to ensure the flowers are drinking.

This design had both vertical and curved lines, there is a gradiation in heights of the flowers used.

White and green is used to stand out against the dark background. Flowers used include Tulips, Dendrobium Orchids, Anemones, Euphorbia and Silver Fern.

Sustainable Heart Design

Chicken Mesh and Birch Twigs are entwined with black wool to create this heart design. Broom is weaved through the wholes design and green Eryngium added to brighten the design. There is plenty of texture from the wool, moss and Broom.

The base of the design is covered in moss and wrapped in black wool. Birch Twigs are bought through to the base as though they were the roots of a tree.

This is a sustainable design and not much attention is needed as the materials will dry naturally.

Paper Door Wreath

This design is created by recycling pages from a book, patterned paper would also look nice. Cones are created by folding each sheet of paper and glued together to form the circles. The design looks very striking and the colours compliment each other. 

Green Kermit Chrysanthemum, Brunia, Spray Roses and Hypericum have been glued to the design.

Post Crete Design

This design has a lovely shape, the base is made from mikado reeds and Flexi Grass attached to a post crete base. The flowers are placed in hanging sea horse test tubes and recycled egg shells. 

Ranunculus and Dendrobium Orchids 

The colours are very striking and the design has both vertical and horizontal lines with plenty of texture and a complimentary colour scheme.

Recycled Wine Bottles

Four wine bottles have been recycled here as the vases for the flowers. Decorated in Floral Design paper, this would be a great feature at a garden party. Viburnum and Agapanthus compliment each other in striking blues and greens.