Sunday, 22 January 2012

Country Organic Handbag

This design was created using a mesh frame lined with hay for the bag. Flowers used are Avalanche Roses, Viburnum, Green Hypericum and White Eryngium. 

A little Hypericum and Eryngium were glued to the handle to create an extra feature.

The greens and whites of the flowers make a fresh, spring like design.

The frame was created using bio degradable copper mesh lines with hay. The mesh was bent into a curved shape to create the bag design.

Natural Raffia has been platted to create the handle for the bag.

Valentines Design for the Journal Publication

Table design using cut up bark as a feature.

Flowers used include Calla Lilies, Cymbidium Orchids, Ranunculus, Milky way, Roses, Spray Roses, Astrantia and Gypsophilia.

Wool Hearts were added to the design for the Valentines theme.

Velvet Roses look stunning in the design.

Contemporary Venue Design

Two picture frame designs were created to hang in the windows of my chosen venue, Laundry on Princes Avenue. Chosen flowers include Molucella, Green Anthuriums, Cerise Gerbera, Chincherinchee, Pink Blooms, Black Tie and Dracenea.

The finished designs placed in the venue.

Close up of the Anthurium and curled Dracenea leaves.

Christmas Poinsettia with Blue Spruce Collar

Poinsettia with Blue Spruce Collar 

Birds Eye View


Linear Design

European Linear Design in thin clear vase. Materials include Green Eye Roses, Anthurium leaves, Ilex Berries, Twisted Hazel, trailing Amaranthus and Green twigs.

The greens and cerise work really well together. Amaranthus is good for twisting through the design.

Green Eye Rose.

Grass Designs

Simple, cost effective design.

Materials used are Birds of Paradise, Craspedia and snapped steel grass and snapped flat medalino sticks which make the frame.

Birds nest design, again simple and cost effective. Materials used are Protea, Craspedia, Bare Grass and medalino sticks.

Birds Eye View.

The center of the Protea, these looks amazing when they open up.

It is essential to ensure the grass is curved not snapped to create this smooth look.

Contemporary Long and Low Arrangement

Contemporary long and low arrangement with a twig frame and sea horse test tubes.

Flowers used include Phalaenopsis Orchids, Okayama Singapore Orchids, Chincherinchee, Veronica, Aspidistra, Steel grass, Bare grass and Mikardo Reeds.

A twig frame was created at either end in which test tubes were placed to hold the orchids.

Phalaenopsis Orchid.

The greens, purples and whites look really fresh together.

Contemporary and Limited Wooden Cross

Frame is hand made using twigs bound together.

Skeleton leaves are added for texture and green hydrangea is glued to the frame which flows through the design.

Vanda Orchids make a lovely focal flower and bring some colour to the design.

Calla Lilies give length to the design.

Halloween Frame Design

The frame is designed using Gourds as the base and building up the frame using twigs wrapped in wool.

Test tubes are wired onto the frame to allow the flowers to drink.

Flowers used are Mama Mia Gerberas and Chinese Lanterns.

Woodland Wreath

Colourful Woodland Wreath design, This design would look nice as a table center piece with a hurricane lantern in the center.

Flowers used are Green Anthurium, Craspedia, Phalaenopsis Orchid and Sword Fern. Bark is also added to create height and texture.

The base of the frame is covered in wool to create a more modern look.

Monte Carlo Phalaenopsis Orchids.

Textured Funeral Heart

This design is made using Akito Roses, Green Carnation Blooms, Gypsophilia and Delianne Chrysanthemum. Ivy trails are added throughout to create texture and length.

White Mesh is pinned to the edge to cover the bottom of the frame, moss is also added to the design to fill out any gaps.

Contemporary Wrist Corsage

This design is created using coiled floristry wire.

Oncidium Orchids and small Eucalyptus leaves are added to the design.

Focal flower is a Gloriosa Lily.

The bright yellow Oncidium Orchids stand out against the gold coiled wire.